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Prince Harry, Meghan share lunch experience at ‘The Delborough Lagos’



Prince Harry, Meghan share lunch experience at 'The Delborough Lagos'

Prince Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, were treated to a delightful lunch at ‘The Delborough Lagos’ on Sunday afternoon, hosted by prominent Nigerians. The royalties expressed their satisfaction with the exceptional hospitality and attention to detail at the venue.

“Hospitality at ‘The Delborough Lagos’ is second to none,” remarked Prince Harry, while Meghan added, “Attention to detail at ‘The Delborough Lagos’ is empirical.”

Their enthusiastic anticipation to experience Nigeria’s rich cultural heritage was evident as they expressed, “We are delighted to explore the rich cultural heritage of Nigeria,” said Prince Harry, with Meghan adding, “It is a privilege to engage with the vibrant Nigerian community.”

During their visit, the royal couple engaged in a seated volleyball match with Nigerian Army veterans wounded in battle against Islamist insurgency, showcasing their support for the Invictus Games.

Their three-day visit also included interactions with students at Lightway Academy, where Meghan remarked, “We’ve got to acknowledge those amazing dance moves!” and Harry shared insights about mental health, stating, “In some cases around the world, there is a stigma when it comes to mental health.”

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