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Prince Harry officially renounces Britain as his home



Prince Harry officially renounces Britain as his home

Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, has officially listed the United States as his primary residence for the first time since severing ties with the British royal family in 2020.

According to documents obtained by the Daily Mail, Harry recently updated his housing records, indicating that his “New Country/State Usually Resident” is now the US.

The submission of these documents, filed for Harry’s eco-travel venture, Travalyst, took place on Wednesday, with the duke noting the “date of change” as June 29, 2023.

Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, formally vacated their residence in the United Kingdom on June 28, following a three-month eviction notice issued by King Charles III. The couple had resided at Frogmore Cottage before their departure.

While the implications of Harry renouncing his British residency on his royal titles remain unclear, the duke is set to meet his father next month during a visit to London.

Prince Harry in legal setback about security protection in UK - ABC News

Despite the legal change in residency, Prince Harry emphasized in December 2023 that he still considers the UK to be his “home” but felt compelled to relocate to the US due to safety concerns.

“The UK is central to the heritage of my children and a place I want them to feel at home as much as where they live at the moment in the US,” Harry stated in a written statement presented in a London court amid his legal pursuit for taxpayer-funded police security, which was ultimately denied.

Expressing interest in obtaining American citizenship, Harry noted in February that while the idea had crossed his mind, it was not currently a top priority for him.

He and Meghan have been residing in California with their two children for the past four years and, according to Harry, are likely to continue living there for the foreseeable future.

“It’s amazing,” Harry remarked about their West Coast lifestyle. “I love every single day.”