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Piers Morgan begs Meghan Markle for new interview



Piers Morgan begs Meghan Markle

English broadcaster, journalist, writer, and television personality, Piers Morgan has reached out to Meghan Markle for a TV interview.


The English TV host, who lost his job as a host on Good Morning Britain in March 2021 after he faced a backlash for comments made about Meghan Markle, has now joined TalkTV and will have his own show.


He has now invited Meghan to join him as his first guest when the show airs this spring.


Speaking on Sky News Australia, Piers said: “Fundamentally, what I want the show to do is be a platform for free speech and democratic debate.


“And the right for people to come on and have their own opinion without being shamed and cancelled – because that’s the way back for society.


“If Meghan Markle’s watching, I’m sure she is, if you want to be my first guest, we have a bit of unfinished business. I’m available.”


Piers previously vowed to get even with the Duchess of Sussex when he launches his TV show and new column with The Sun.


He said: “The column is called Uncensored because it does what it says on the tin.

“Effectively I was censored at my previous job and told to apologise to Meghan Markle for an honestly held opinion, which obviously I wasn’t going to do.


“Pushy little Princess Pinocchio tried her utmost to cancel me, and she will be in for a very unpleasant surprise when I emerge, like Lazarus, from my den.


“It was a pretty bruising experience on Good Morning Britain but I’m now working somewhere where I’m free to express my opinions.”


Piers has been accused of being obsessed with Meghan after he made the announcement.


Morgan was briefly a friend of Meghan Markle before she became the Duchess of Sussex, but claimed she cut him off early in her relationship with Prince Harry. He has been a regular critic of the couple since then, alleging they are hypocrites and claiming the Duchess is a social climber.

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