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My cabinet members were paranoid about being jailed — Jonathan



My cabinet members were paranoid about being jailed -- Jonathan

Former President Goodluck Jonathan has disclosed that members of his cabinet were concerned about the possibility of being incarcerated after the victory of Muhammadu Buhari in the 2015 presidential election.

In an interview with Arise TV on Monday, May 29, Jonathan shared that despite these fears, he chose to remain in the country, even though some of his cabinet members believed he would flee.

Jonathan highlighted the tense atmosphere experienced by his team during the transition period in 2015, emphasizing that such apprehension was not encountered by Buhari’s government. He recounted the concerns expressed by his ministers and senior officers, who worried about their fate following the electoral defeat.

There was a prevailing fear that the incoming government might subject them to imprisonment without a fair trial, as the government holds significant power and influence over such matters.

However, Jonathan revealed that he had already conceded defeat at that time, citing his prioritization of the nation’s welfare over personal interests. He acknowledged that his decision to accept the election results and peacefully transition power was driven by his genuine concern for the well-being and stability of Nigeria.

During his interview, Jonathan reflected on the unique circumstances surrounding the 2015 elections and the subsequent transition of power.

He expressed his commitment to ensuring a smooth transition and maintaining peace in the country, even in the face of uncertainty and apprehension among his team members.

Jonathan’s revelation offers insight into the challenges faced by his administration during the period leading up to the transfer of power to Buhari’s government.

It sheds light on the anxiety and concerns that pervaded his cabinet, highlighting the importance of a peaceful and orderly transition of power in sustaining stability and fostering trust in Nigeria’s democratic process.

Jonathan in quote said;

“In my own time especially in the 2015 elections, my ministers, my senior officers, people who worked with me; there was this fear that having lost the election, what would be our fate? Would the new government just throw all of us into jail without giving a fair hearing? Because government is next to the court and can decide to do anything. “By this time, I already conceded defeat. And I knew why I conceded defeat, because I was more interested in the country than myself.”