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“It is simple” — Buhari on how to survive current economic climes



"It is simple" -- Buhari on how to survive current economic climes

The saying ‘when life throws lemons at you, make lemonades out from it’ rings true for former President Muhammadu Buhari as he advises Nigerians on what to do to survive the current economic climes in Nigeria.

Muhammadu Buhari while speaking to journalists, called on Nigerians to continue cultivating their own food and to address the growing challenge of unchecked population growth.

After participating in the Kofor Arewa Eid prayer in Katsina on Sunday, Buhari expressed satisfaction with the renewed interest in farming among many Nigerians but raised concerns about the nation’s rising population.

“The need for greater discussion and awareness about this problem, [uncontrolled population growth], as well as a need to invest more in education and health,” Buhari stated. He emphasized the urgency of tackling the issue to ensure sustainable development.

Highlighting the achievements in local agriculture, the former President urged citizens to remain committed to self-sufficiency in food production, especially in the face of rising prices.

“Let us grow our own food. We have shown that we can do it. This is not the time to relent when we see prices going up. Let us buy what is produced in the country,” he said.

Buhari also commended the efforts of previous administrations in laying the groundwork for a prosperous and stable Nigeria. He encouraged the youth to actively participate in nation-building initiatives, stressing their crucial role in the country’s development.

“The foundation of a prosperous and stable country has been laid by successive governments, and I encourage our youth, in particular, to continue to play an active role in various nation-building efforts,” he added.