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Hilarious speech from Patience Jonathan uplifts Nigerians (VIDEO)



Hilarious speech from Patience Jonathan uplifts Nigerians (VIDEO)

Patience Jonathan, the wife of former president Goodluck Jonathan, has once again managed to lift the spirits of Nigerians during these tough times with her delightful sense of humour.

During a recent event, she amusingly thanked God for “the Lord’s doing because it is marvellous in his eyes,” instead of the usual “our sight,” referencing Psalm 118:23. Her playful mix-up had everyone chuckling.

Previously, Patience Jonathan made headlines by declaring she wouldn’t return to the Presidential Villa even if begged.

She cited the immense stress of being First Lady, saying she looks younger now that her husband is out of office.

“If you call me now for the villa, I won’t go there. I won’t. Don’t you see how young I am? The stress is so much. The stress of Nigeria is so much. If God manages to bring you out of it, you should glorify Him. He has taken you there once, why do you want to go there again?” she humorously remarked.

Her candid and humorous comments have provided a much-needed laugh for many Nigerians, proving that sometimes, a bit of humour can be the best relief in challenging times.

Watch the video below;

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