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“I don’t miss the job” — Ex-President Buhari laughs at Nigeria



"I don't miss the job" -- Ex-President Buhari laughs at Nigeria

In a recent interview promo released by the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA), former President Muhammadu Buhari has laughed off the idea of him missing his former position as Nigeria’s president.

Months prior to the transfer of power, Buhari had candidly stated his skepticism about missing his time in office, citing his perceived inability to deliver satisfactorily to the nation as a reason for his detachment.

“I believe I’m trying my best, but still my best is not good enough. I wonder if I am going to miss much. I think I’m being harassed,” Buhari remarked, reflecting on his performance during his presidency.

The promo for the upcoming interview, aired via NTA’s platform, unveiled Buhari’s reaffirmation of his earlier sentiments regarding his former presidential role. When asked about what he misses from his time in office, Buhari responded succinctly, “Miss? I don’t think I miss much.”

The former president’s remarks have drawn attention, showcasing his apparent disinterest in revisiting or reminiscing about his presidential tenure, underscoring his perception that his contributions might not have aligned with the expectations of the populace.

Buhari’s candid reflections, as highlighted in the interview preview, shed light on his mindset regarding his presidential legacy and his reluctance to dwell on past responsibilities.