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Mr. Macaroni tells Youths to take a page from Politicians’ book in search of Greener pastures



Mr. Macaroni

As the 2023 general election draws nearer, the political antics will be in full swing as there would be mass exodus of politicians from one party to another in search of greener pastures.

And in that response, Nigerian comedian and content creator, Mr. Macaroni has urged Nigerian electorates to take a page out of their own book, and decamp to other parties other than the famed PDP or APC when considering their preferred candidate in the general elections.

Mr. Macoroni stated this line of thought in a post shared on Twitter while reacting to former governor Peter Obi’s defection from the PDP.

Early on Wednesday, Mr. Obi dropped the bombshell of quitting the People’s Democratic Party ahead of the party’s presidential primary election, either out of fore sight or his private interests.

The former Anambra State Governor did this as he tendered his resignation letter at the PDP National Secretariat, through his campaign director, Doyin Okupe.

According to reports, Obi’s exit came from the notion of fear that he would be humiliated at the convention in Abuja.

Mr Macaroni reacting to this, urged electorates to consider changing the narrative that claims only PDP and APC can win elections.

He told Nigerians to consider Peter Obi’s defection as an opportunity to change the narrative and rally behind other parties who could very well do much better than the famed 2 if given the chance.

He wrote:

“Alot of people pushed the narrative that only APC and PDP can win Elections even when some of us said we can change this narrative. We were mocked. People kept praising these 2 parties. Now we want to join the other parties that we have already made less popular.

“I hope we all realize that we can indeed change this narrative of its only PDP and APC and take advantage while we can. These parties don try. Make others sef come try.. We will be mocked but if truly the people are tired, The PEOPLE can change this narrative!!

“Finally, the motivation for us as the people who wish to rally around another party should not be because someone left PDP or APC. It should be because we are tired and because we want better. Because if na by that one, more Giants will leave APC and PDP soon… I rest my case”