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Comedian Mr. Macaroni speaks concering Peter Obi’s win in Lagos



Comedian Mr. Macaroni speaks concering Peter Obi's win in Lagos

Media activist and skitmaker, Mr. Macaroni has spoken concerning the recent win of the Labour Party’s Peter Obi in Lagos, after the 2023 presidential election.

According to the result let out by the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, the presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi defeated the two times governor of Lagos State, Bola Ahmed Tinubu with a number of votes in Lagos.

Peter Obi had had a vote of 582,354, while Tinubu pulled 572,606 votes.

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Reacting to this, Mr. Macaroni took to social media, and noted that despite the violence and force deployed in Lagos by the opposition party, APC, the Labour Party took the win, meaning that the people need to understand that they own the power now.

According to him, if some individuals had been permitted to cast ballots, the margin would have been larger. He added that 300 individuals were unable to vote at his polling place.

He wrote, “Despite all the violence and intimidation unleashed in Lagos, Peter Obi has won Lagos State!!! The margin should be way more!!! I just want the people to know that the power is in our hands!!! They said no structure!! They said it is internet noise!!! LESSONS!!!!!”

“INEC, in my polling unit alone over 300 people did not vote!! And there are reports of same in many PU’s!! Violence and intimidation!!! If this election was conducted better, the margin of victory for the LP will be way more!!! DO BETTER @inecnigeria,” he added.
The skit maker, Mr. Macaroni also noted that the power of the youth was underestimated, but they shocked everyone.

In his words, “They underestimated the power of the people!!! They said that we are only online that we are not grassroots!! They didn’t realize that the suffering touch everybody! Na all of us be grassroots now!! Nigerians, the power will always be yours anytime you are ready to take it!!!”

The result collation is still ongoing, and it’s still anyone’s game.


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