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“I’m happy with what happened” — Finidi George on Mali defeat



"I'm happy with what happened" -- Finidi George on Mali defeat

Nigeria’s national team coach on the interim, Finidi George has opened up on the 2-0 defeat to West African rivals, Mali in Tuesday’s international friendly.

The loss marked a setback for interim head coach Finidi George, who had started his tenure on a positive note with a victory over Ghana in his debut game.

El Bilal Toure and Kamorou Dounmbia secured the goals for Mali, presenting a tough test for George and the Super Eagles squad.

Following the match, Finidi George shared his perspective on the encounter, acknowledging the role of critical errors in determining the game’s outcome.

” I think it was just a few mistakes that cost us the match,” George admitted, indicating that the defeat did not accurately reflect the overall performance of the team.

Despite the loss, George commended the intensity of the game and highlighted the Super Eagles‘ ability to create scoring opportunities. However, he pointed out the crucial factor of failing to capitalize on these chances.

“It was not a bad game. Good intensity, we created a couple of chances, but didn’t score. And in a game like this, if you don’t score and you make mistakes, you will be punished,” he reflected.

Nevertheless, Finidi George remains optimistic about the team’s trajectory under his leadership, drawing positives from the players’ performance and their adaptation to his coaching philosophy.

“I’m happy with the way the boys played, and it is quite positive,” he affirmed, indicating a sense of encouragement despite the defeat.