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Bishop robbed at gunpoint during service in church



Bishop robbed at gunpoint during service in church

On Sunday, an armed robbery happened at a Brooklyn church while Bishop Lamor M. Whitehead was giving a sermon via live stream.

In a viral video, the priest in charge of the East Flatbush Church, Leaders of Tomorrow (Brooklyn campus), Lamor M. Whitehead quickly collapsed on the floor as about three armed robbers attacked his church.

Just before the sudden attack, Lamar asked, How many of you have lost your faith because you saw somebody else die with what you were about to go through?”

One of the assailants dipped his hands into his pockets and took out wads of dollar bills and the clergyman’s gold ring.

Surprisingly, a man sitting in the back and on the pulpit never acted scared, nor did he move from where he sat until the robbers left.

Another man searched the preacher’s pockets as though he was looking for something. But he left with nothing shortly after the thorough search.

Brooklyn Police reports that the thieves carted away $400,000 worth of jewelry.

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