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How Retired Brigadier-General was stabbed to death during robbery in Abuja



Brigadier-General stabbed to death in Abuja robbery attack

Harold Udokwere, a retired brigadier-general of the Nigerian Army, was brutally murdered during a robbery at his home at Kubusa Junction, Lokogoma, Abuja, in the early hours of Saturday.

The attackers, who have since been apprehended, revealed chilling details of the incident during police interrogation.

In a video obtained by FIJ, three men suspected of being part of the armed robbery gang were seen being questioned in Hausa. One of the suspects, identified as Ibrahim Ibrahim, recounted the events leading to the Brigadier-General stabbed to death.

Ibrahim stated that six individuals were initially planned to carry out the robbery, but the number was reduced to five. He named his accomplices as Sani, Nafiu, Alaka, himself, and another individual whose name he could not recall. “Nafiu might know his name,” he added.

During the interrogation, Ibrahim revealed that Nafiu repeatedly stabbed the retired brigadier-general to death. The suspects also disclosed that a stolen gun belonging to Udokwere was with an individual known as Alhaji Ashiru.

According to a source close to the deceased’s family, the attack occurred around 3 am on Saturday. The source explained that this was not the first time Udokwere’s home had been targeted. “His wife said it was the third time their home had been attacked. The robbers demanded her jewellery and took his pistol before she began hearing gunshots,” the source told FIJ.

In addition to the retired brigadier-general, one of the estate’s security guards was also attacked and sustained injuries. The guard is currently receiving treatment at a hospital in Abuja.

The Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Police have confirmed the arrest of the three-man armed robber gang, bringing some measure of relief to the shocked community. The investigation is ongoing as authorities work to bring all involved to justice.

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