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Barcelona begins sale of Camp Nou grasses to raise Money



Barcelona begin selling Camp Nou grasses to raise funds

The Late Camp Nou…

La Liga giant, Barcelona have seen better days, and now it is all about living on the glory of the late Camp Nou.

In a unique move to generate revenue during the extensive renovation of their iconic Camp Nou stadium, Barcelona Football Club has reportedly opened a souvenir shop that sells pieces of the hallowed Nou Camp grass.

The club, which currently calls the Estadi Olímpic Lluís Companys its temporary home, is undertaking its first major renovation of Camp Nou since its inauguration in 1957, with an estimated cost exceeding £1.25 billion.

While the renovation project is in full swing, Barcelona is turning every stone to monetize the historic stadium. According to Spanish publication Relevo, fans can now purchase authenticated pieces of the original Camp Nou turf as memorabilia. Each souvenir comes with a legal note guaranteeing its authenticity.

Prices for these cherished mementos range from €20 to €50 (£17 to £42). For those looking for larger squares, some even framed, the official Barcelona shop offers options ranging from €80 (£68) to €420 (£360) online.

Barcelona begin selling Camp Nou grasses to raise funds

This innovative approach to stadium memorabilia doesn’t stop at pieces of grass. Several months ago, there were reports that Barcelona was planning to launch a jewelry collection known as the “Etern Spotify Nou Camp 1957,” paying homage to the stadium’s inception.

The reported collection was said to include pins, bracelets, cufflinks, rings, necklaces, shields, and pins, all adorned with diamonds forged from the sacred grass of Camp Nou’s 7,000 square-meter pitch.

Barcelona is not the first Spanish club to sell sections of its pitch. Athletic Club previously sold portions of the San Mamés turf for €40 (£34), while Atletico Madrid offered parts of the old Vicente Calderón pitch for prices ranging from €10 (£8.50) to €95 (£81) when they transitioned to the Metropolitano.