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La Liga continues to deal with Barcelona



La Liga continues to deal with Barcelona

It is starting to look like eternal torture on Barcelona as the Spanish La Liga body resurfaces once more to deal the Catalans another blow.

On Tuesday, La Liga announced a further reduction in the club’s annual spending limit by €66 million. This decision sees Barcelona’s cap slashed from €270 million to €204 million, underscoring the continued financial challenges confronting the Catalan giants.

In contrast, Real Madrid retains its position with the highest spending cap in Spain’s topflight, standing at an imposing €727 million. Similarly, Atlético Madrid maintains a higher cap than Barcelona, set at €303 million.

The latest announcement follows a series of financial setbacks for Barcelona, with their spending limit previously slashed by a staggering €400 million in September. The revised limits shed light on the formidable hurdles Barcelona faces as they endeavor to regain competitiveness in the transfer market.

According to reports from ESPN, Barcelona’s squad costs, which are regulated by the spending cap, exceed €400 million, surpassing the LaLiga-imposed limit by more than double. Consequently, Barcelona finds itself constrained by stringent financial restrictions, limiting its ability to engage in substantial transfer activity.

Under these circumstances, Barcelona is compelled to adhere to strict financial guidelines, restricting their expenditure to a percentage of savings made in salaries or funds raised through transfer fees.

The percentage of spending permissible varies depending on the magnitude of the savings achieved.

From the frying oven to the fire it would seem as Barcelona continues to face the wrath of the League.