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Any attempts to arrest Putin will send nukes flying — Russia warns



Any attempts to arrest Putin will send nukes flying -- Russia warns

Russian officials have warned that any attempt to arrest President Vladimir Putin, who has been accused of war crimes by the International Criminal Court (ICC), would amount to a declaration of war against Russia.

Putin has been accused of the war crime of illegally deporting hundreds of children from Ukraine, and the ICC issued an arrest warrant for him last week.

Dmitry Medvedev, an ally of Putin and former Russian president, stated that the ICC was a “legal nonentity” and that any attempt to detain Putin would be a declaration of war.

Medvedev, who serves as deputy chairman of Putin’s powerful security council, stated that in such a scenario, all Russian assets, including missiles, would be directed towards Germany, the location he used as an example.

Medvedev dismissed the ICC’s arrest warrant as meaningless, claiming that it was an outrageously partisan decision. Russia has repeatedly denied allegations of war crimes in Ukraine and claims that the West has ignored Ukrainian war crimes.

The invasion of Ukraine by Russia on February 24 has led to the deadliest European conflict since World War II, and it is the largest confrontation between Moscow and the West since the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis.

Medvedev stated that relations between Russia and the United States were at their worst point ever, and he blamed the daily delivery of foreign weapons to Ukraine for bringing the nuclear apocalypse closer.

Medvedev claimed that the West had considered itself the rulers of Russia after the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, but Putin had put an end to that.

He added that the West disliked the independence of Russia and China. Medvedev also claimed that Ukraine was part of Russia, and that almost all of modern-day Ukraine had been part of the Russian empire. Russia recognized Ukraine’s post-1991 sovereignty and borders in the 1994 Budapest Memorandum.

Medvedev expressed hope that the situation would stabilize and communication between the West and Russia would resume, but he stated that he hoped that by that time, a significant number of Western leaders would have retired or passed away.