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No hard feelings — Zelensky reacts to Moscow bombing



No hard feelings -- Zelensky reacts to Moscow bombing

It is a no love lost situation for President Zelensky as Russia suffers a terrorist attack on Moscow by ISIS agents.

While tensions escalate between the neighboring countries of Ukraine and Russia following the recent attack on a concert hall in Moscow, the Ukrainian President stands firm to defend Ukraine and vehemently deny the accusations of Ukrainian involvement.

As news of the attack spread on Friday, Ukrainians anticipated a familiar pattern: blame directed towards Kyiv.

President Vladimir Putin of Russia further fueled these suspicions by alleging that individuals involved in the Moscow incident had attempted to flee to Ukraine with the help of contacts there.

In the aftermath of Putin’s remarks, explosions were reported in Kyiv, intensifying the atmosphere of suspicion and hostility between the two nations.

Meanwhile, the Islamic State (IS) group claimed responsibility for the attack, releasing a disturbing video showcasing the massacre and featuring chants of “God is Greatest” from the assailants, captured on body cameras.

No hard feelings -- Zelensky reacts to Moscow bombing

President Zelensky, visibly incensed by the accusations leveled against Ukraine, condemned Putin and Moscow officials as “scum” for linking the attack to Kyiv. He criticized Putin’s focus on implicating Ukraine rather than addressing the concerns of Russian citizens.

Zelensky retaliated by accusing Moscow of deploying “hundreds of thousands of [its own] terrorists” to Ukraine since the invasion in February 2022. He condemned the brutality inflicted by Russian forces on Ukrainian civilians, citing instances of violence, torture, and rape.