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“We are a Nuclear power too” — France warns Putin



"We are a Nuclear power too" -- France warns Putin

In the wake of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s recent remarks regarding the potential use of nuclear weapons, France President Emmanuel Macron has declared France’s readiness to utilize its own nuclear arsenal if necessary.

Addressing the issue in an interview with French media on Thursday, Macron condemned Putin’s statements as reckless and emphasized that France possesses advanced weapons capabilities of its own.

The escalation began when Putin, earlier in the week, made alarming comments during an address on state television, asserting that “weapons exist in order to use them” in relation to the possibility of deploying nuclear arms if Western forces intervened in Ukraine.

In response, Macron asserted, “We must first and foremost feel protected because we are a nuclear power. We are ready; we have a doctrine for the use of nuclear weapons,” underscoring France’s preparedness while criticizing the Kremlin’s approach to nuclear threats.

Moreover, Macron stressed the responsibility that comes with possessing nuclear weapons, highlighting the need to avoid escalation. His remarks were seen as a veiled critique of Russia’s frequent reminders of its own nuclear capabilities.

This development signifies a shift in France’s stance towards Russia, with Macron abandoning his previous efforts to cultivate a closer relationship with Putin. The hardening of Paris’ stance reflects growing concerns over Russia’s aggressive posture.