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ISIS claims responsibility for deadly attack in Russia



ISIS claims responsibility for deadly attack in Russia

ISIS has claimed responsibility for a devastating attack that unfolded at a popular concert venue complex near Moscow, Russia.

The assailants, armed with guns and incendiary devices, stormed the venue, resulting in a tragic loss of life and numerous injuries.

The terror group asserted responsibility for the attack in a brief statement released through the ISIS-affiliated news agency Amaq on Telegram. However, no evidence was provided to substantiate the claim.

According to reports, the attackers initiated the assault by opening fire with automatic weapons and deploying an incendiary bomb, igniting a fire that engulfed the venue. Video footage captured scenes of chaos and panic as concert-goers scrambled for safety amidst the gunfire and flames.

The incident, which claimed the lives of at least 60 individuals and left 145 injured, marks the deadliest terror attack in Moscow in decades. The concert, scheduled to feature the band Picnic, was interrupted by the violence. Fortunately, the band members emerged unharmed.

Authorities mobilized swiftly in response to the attack, with a SWAT team deployed to the scene and over 70 ambulance teams providing medical assistance to the victims. Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin described the event as a “terrible tragedy” and vowed to provide necessary support to those affected.

In the aftermath of the attack, Russia President Vladimir Putin expressed condolences to the injured and their families, while also commending the efforts of medical personnel and emergency responders.

Meanwhile, efforts to evacuate individuals from the venue, including rescuers working to assist those stranded on the roof, remain ongoing.

The singer of Picnic, Shaman, offered heartfelt condolences and pledged support for the victims and their families, emphasizing unity in the face of adversity.