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Ukraine employ new tactics and tech to target Russia



Ukraine employ new tactics and tech to target Russia

Amidst rising tensions, a series of daring strikes by Ukraine via drones targeted at Russian oil refineries has captured international attention.

Videos circulating on social media depict the tense moments as these unmanned aerial vehicles breach Russian airspace, culminating in targeted strikes on critical infrastructure.

According to reports, the location of the recorded incidents was the Rosneft’s Ryazan refinery, situated over 500 kilometers away from Ukraine.

The refinery, a key component of Russia’s oil and gas industry, suffered substantial damage in the attacks, which occurred on March 13 as part of a broader Ukrainian effort to disrupt Russian operations.

These precision strikes underscore a significant advancement in drone technology employed by Ukrainian forces.

Sources close to Ukraine’s drone program disclosed to CNN that these drones utilize sophisticated capabilities, including basic artificial intelligence, to navigate and evade countermeasures.

The incorporation of artificial intelligence enables these drones to maintain accuracy even under jamming attempts.

Each drone is equipped with a terminal computer housing satellite and terrain data, meticulously planning flight paths in collaboration with allied forces. This coordination ensures strikes with remarkable precision, striking targets with minimal margin of error.

Key to this precision are the drones’ advanced sensors and machine vision technology, allowing them to autonomously identify geographic features and targets without reliance on satellite communication.

Despite the remarkable advancements showcased by these drone strikes, experts caution that the level of autonomy demonstrated by these drones remains relatively low.

An expert in drone warfare and artificial intelligence, has noted that while these developments represent a notable leap forward, there remains untapped potential in the intersection of drone technology and AI.

CNN’s efforts to obtain official commentary from Ukrainian Defense Intelligence and the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) regarding the use of AI technology yielded no response.