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“What our financial investigations revealed” — Russia



"What our financial investigations revealed" -- Russia

In a recent revelation by the investigative committee, Russia has pointed fingers at Ukraine for the tragic attack that unfolded at a concert hall in Moscow. The committee disclosed this information on Thursday, shedding light on the events that transpired last week, leaving over 140 individuals dead.

The assault occurred at the Crocus City Hall, a large music venue situated just outside Moscow.

Described by the Russia President, Vladimir Putin as radical Islamists, a group of terrorists stormed the premises, initiating a brutal gun rampage that claimed lives indiscriminately. Their rampage culminated in setting the main hall ablaze, escalating the horror of the situation.

Russian authorities had previously speculated that the orchestration of the terrorist attack could be attributed to Ukrainian special services, purportedly utilizing radical Islamists as pawns in their scheme.

The investigative committee affirmed this suspicion, stating,

“Confirmed information [indicated] that perpetrators of the terrorist act had received significant sums of money and cryptocurrency from Ukraine, which were used in the preparation of the crime.”

Since the tragic incident, the death toll has climbed to 140, as confirmed by Russian Health Minister Mikhail Murashko. He noted that individuals who sustained serious injuries during the attack ultimately succumbed to their wounds, contributing to the grim tally.

The aftermath of this devastating event continues to reverberate, with the world on the edge over Russia’s next line of action.