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3 things people don’t know about Wizkid — DJ Tunez



3 things people don't know about Wizkid -- DJ Tunez

DJ Tunez, renowned as the personal disc jockey of Wizkid, sheds some light on lesser-known aspects of the Starboy’s persona, revealing intriguing details about the acclaimed musician’s lifestyle.

In a recent interview with Clout Africa, DJ Tunez shared insights into Wizkid’s physical appearance, lifestyle choices, and peculiarities. Contrary to common perceptions, DJ Tunez emphasized that Wizkid appears taller in real life than he does onscreen, challenging conventional notions of celebrity stature.

Furthermore, DJ Tunez unveiled facets of Wizkid’s simple and unassuming way of life, painting a picture of the artist’s preference for modesty despite his global fame and success.

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Among the revelations, DJ Tunez disclosed that Wizkid is afflicted with lactose intolerance, rendering him averse to consuming milk.

This dietary peculiarity adds a distinctive layer to Wizkid’s personal preferences, underscoring his individuality amidst the glitz and glamour of the entertainment industry.

Additionally, DJ Tunez shared insights into Wizkid’s sensitivity to temperature, highlighting the artist’s aversion to cold environments. Notably, Wizkid is known to advocate for adjustments to air conditioning settings when faced with excessively chilly conditions, illustrating his attention to personal comfort and well-being.

These revelations offer fans a glimpse into the multifaceted persona of Wizkid, transcending the public image to unveil nuances of his character and lifestyle.