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“It’s all staged, people” — Nkechi Blessing on Celebrity feuds



"It's all staged, people" -- Nkechi Blessing on Celebrity feuds

We have seen Wizkid and Davido go at each other, we have seen a lot of celebrities bring social media down on its knees but if there is something Nigerian actress Nkechi Blessing has to say about the so-called ‘feuds’, it is that they are all stage managed.

The Nollywood actress broke things down in a recent interview with Hip TV. According to Nkechi Blessing, the Nigerian public should be wise to their acts by now, insisting often times when celebrities take on the social media space to fight it out, there is always on ulterior motive behind it.

“My thoughts on celebrities bashing each other on the Internet, I feel it’s some form of publicity stunt.” the actress said.

She elaborated on her point, suggesting that stage managing conflicts to rile the public is a sure fire way to stir narratives and interest to their brand image and in turn, free promotion to whatever product they have coming.

“By the time they come out on social media to exchange words, it’s either they have a new single coming up or they’re about to drop a song. So most times when I see celebrities fighting online, I just walk away because most times we sit down and plan these things,” Nkechi Blessing explains.

It is proven that the public enjoys gossip, conflict and drama, and what better way to sell a brand than to stage an act the internet would buy into?

“Sometimes, it’s not actually bad blood. As I said, they might want to release a single so they will need all the clout and engagements to get their songs out there in your faces. So that’s it literally,”