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“You talk too much” — Daniel Regha slams Wizkid



"You talk too much" -- Daniel Regha slams Wizkid

Maturity is respecting your old fans — Twitter influencer comes hard on Wizkid over perceived dig on Afrobeats.

In a recent social media uproar, Daniel Regha, a prominent Twitter influencer, took aim at Nigerian superstar Wizkid for what he perceived as derogatory comments regarding the Afrobeats genre. Regha, known for his outspoken nature, utilized his Twitter platform to express his discontent with Wizkid’s statements.

Following a statement on his Instagram stories that was directed mainly at bloggers, Wizkid picked issues with being profiled as an ‘Afrobeat artiste’.

In a rather awkward move, the artiste stressed on the ‘afrobeat artiste’ label being dropped when referencing him. However, Daniel Regha took to his own Twitter account to slam Wizkid for disrespecting the ‘Afrobeat’ genre and fans.

Calling out the ‘Super Star’ crooner, Regha accused the artiste of downgrading the music genre just to promote his next album.

“Wizkid talks much for an artiste who strugg!es to drop hits, & it’s very !nsulting to d¤wngrade Afrobeats in the name of making a new album or evolving (which he has n¤t done since his Superstar era).”

In a series of tweets, Regha chastised Wizkid, alleging that the artist’s frequent vocalization contrasts starkly with his recent musical output. “Wizkid talks much for an artiste who struggles to drop hits,” Regha remarked, questioning the credibility of Wizkid’s critique of Afrobeats.

“Again, the world listened to his last EP that had n¤ lyrical direction. If he wants to switch from Afrobeats that’s fine, but he came to limelight doing Afrobeats & should respect that, including music from his first album which made its mark. Maturity is respecting ur old fans while trying to gain new/bigger audience. No shades.”

Furthermore, Regha denounced Wizkid’s purported dismissal of the Afrobeats label, suggesting that such actions were disrespectful to the genre and its pioneers. He emphasized the importance of artists maintaining reverence for their roots, particularly those who rose to fame within a specific musical domain.

Regha’s criticism extended beyond Wizkid, citing other Nigerian artists such as Olamide, Phyno, and Flavour as exemplars of loyalty to their musical heritage. He praised these artists for their consistent adherence to their artistic origins and their avoidance of disparaging remarks about the genre that catapulted them to fame.

“Olamide, Phyno, Flavour, just to name a few, have never disrespected Afrobeats or discredit their old music to make a point; These are some of the best lyricists in the game, but their originality hasn’t changed. Many artistes nowadays d¤n’t know the importance of sticking to their roots.”