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“I’m ruined because of it” — Justin Bieber blasts Nigerian artiste



"I'm ruined because of it" -- Justin Bieber blasts Nigerian artiste

American musician Justin Bieber has stirred up controversy on social media with remarks expressing regret over his collaboration on the remix of Wizkid’s hit song “Essence,” featuring Tems.

In an Instagram post, Bieber vented his dissatisfaction with what he perceived as a downturn in his career following his involvement in the popular musical hit. The singer lamented that his career has not been the same since recording the song, hinting at a connection between his professional struggles and the collaboration with Wizkid and Tems.

Bieber’s remarks have sparked speculation and debate among fans and industry observers, with many questioning the significance of his contribution to the song and the impact it may have had on his career trajectory.

The Canadian-born artist’s comments have raised eyebrows, particularly given his illustrious career trajectory, which began at the age of thirteen and has since seen him achieve remarkable success in the music industry.

In a notable display of emotion, Bieber also shared a photo of himself appearing to cry, further fueling speculation about the depth of his feelings regarding his career trajectory.

The timing of Bieber’s remarks coincides with the ongoing success of “Essence,” one of Wizkid’s most acclaimed songs in recent times. While Wizkid has yet to respond directly to Bieber’s remarks, speculation is rife regarding the possibility of a reaction from the Nigerian music sensation.

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