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Zubby Michael faces backlash despite ‘kind’ gesture



Zubby Michael faces backlash despite 'kind' gesture

Popular actor Zubby Michael has faced backlash despite his generous act of giving bundles of cash to Junior Pope’s family during the late actor’s funeral.

In a widely circulated video, Michael was seen taking bundles of cash from a bag and handing them to the bereaved family, a gesture intended to provide support during their time of loss. However, the actor’s actions have sparked criticism from both his colleagues and fans.

Michael’s outfit at the funeral had already attracted negative attention, with many deeming it inappropriate for the somber occasion. His display of generosity, while well-intentioned, was perceived by some as showy and unnecessary, leading to further backlash.

Fans took to social media to express their disapproval, accusing Michael of using the funeral as an opportunity to showcase his wealth rather than genuinely supporting his late friend’s family. The criticism highlights the sensitive nature of public displays of generosity, especially during moments of grief.