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“On point” — Doris Ogala confirms rumors on Junior Pope



"On point" -- Doris Ogala confirms rumors on Junior Pope

In the midst of grieving fans, controversy swirls around the late Nollywood star Jnr Pope as actress Doris Ogala validates claims of a troubled marriage between the actor and his wife, Jennifer.

The validation stemmed from an Instagram gossip site, Cutie Julls, which published a post alleging a rift between Jnr Pope and his wife before his untimely demise.

The post purportedly included a conversation between the actor and the blog, indicating an attempt by Junior Pope to share his side of the story through the platform.

While the authenticity of the conversation remains unverified, Cutie Julls reportedly claimed that Jnr Pope’s alleged communication with them occurred posthumously, leaving his side of the story untold until after his passing.

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Furthermore, the blog’s now-deleted message hinted at Junior Pope’s departure without a widow, implying a potential breakup between the actor and his wife.

Doris Ogala, known for her outspoken nature, added fuel to the fire by commenting on the post, simply affirming its accuracy with the phrase “On point.”