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Shit happens — Uche Ogbodo blasts Adanma Luke’s critics



Shit happens -- Uche Ogbodo blasts Adanma Luke's critics

Amidst the aftermath of a tragic accident on the set of the movie ‘The Other Side of Life’, Nollywood actress Uche Ogbodo has come forward to defend the producer, Adanma Luke, against accusations of negligence.

The accident, which claimed the lives of actor Junior Pope and three others after their boat capsized on the Anam River in Anambra State, sparked outrage and scrutiny directed at Luke for allegedly failing to provide life jackets for the cast and crew.

In a recent exchange with fans on her Instagram page, Ogbodo refuted claims of Luke’s carelessness, asserting that mistakes can occur even on Hollywood sets. She shared a photo of Luke, describing her as a strong, determined, and compassionate woman.

“The strongest woman, determined, kind, and soft at heart. Neefe, your life is with you. See this one through. God gat you for life.” Uche Ogbodo wrote.

Responding to a comment warning her against getting involved in the matter, Ogbodo reiterated her support for Luke, emphasizing her belief that Luke is not a careless producer.

“She [Adanma Luke] is not a careless producer, only mistakes happen, even on Hollywood sets.” Ogbodo responded.

The tragic incident has brought attention to safety measures on Nigerian movie sets, prompting discussions on the responsibilities of producers and industry standards to prevent such accidents in the future.