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Why the world was Wrong about Mikel Arteta



Why the world was Wrong about Mikel Arteta

Five years ago, Mikel Arteta becoming Arsenal manager was a move that received lots of eye rolls and doubts following Unai Emery’s sack by the Arsenal board.

And despite leading the Gunners to an FA Cup title win his first season against Frank Lampard’s Chelsea or beating a high flying Liverpool side at the Emirates in Liverpool’s title winning season, there was still a lot of hesitation by fans to trust in the process.

Trust in the process, even former Arsenal player, Mesut Ozil who left the Emirates after falling out with the manager had to troll Arteta after leaving the club. And season after season of bad form and results seemed to prove everyone right — they were right to doubt Mikel Arteta and his credence towards managing a club like Arsenal despite not having managed any other club before.

But Mikel Arteta did want the world deluding itself over a cliché single story. That story was very much easy to write and to tell, and have been overdone.

In the 2021/22 season, something changed in the Arsenal story; they actually challenged for a top 4 spot. And even though they ended up failing, the team did learn something that helped them in the subsequent season.

In the subsequent season, the Gunners returned not only to challenge for a top 4 finish but actually for the premier league title. Again, like the first time, they failed in the plot despite topping the table the longest of every premier league side to sit at the top of the league.

However, the 2023/24 season, like the previous and also very different from the others, has seen Mikel Arteta surprise everyone.

In a season marked by ups and downs, Arsenal’s successes on the field have been underpinned by the performances of some of Arteta’s most scrutinized signings.

Amidst skepticism and criticism on Mikel Arteta, the Spaniard’s transfer decisions prior to the start of the season are beginning to be the salvation of Arsenal’s season, with key players stepping up when it matters most.

David Raya’s heroics in Arsenal’s recent Champions League clash against Porto showcased the Spaniard’s value as the team’s number one goalkeeper.

Despite initial doubts following his arrival, Raya’s commanding presence and shot-stopping abilities have solidified Arsenal’s defensive resolve. His pivotal saves in the penalty shootout epitomized his importance to the team, earning him praise from fans and coach alike.

Arteta’s decision to replace Aaron Ramsdale with Raya raised eyebrows initially but has since been vindicated by the latter’s consistent performances. Raya’s proficiency in dealing with crosses and distribution from the back have provided stability to Arsenal’s defensive line, addressing a longstanding issue for the club.

Mikel Arteta 2023-24

Let’s not forget about the signing of former Chelsea midfielder, Jorginho to the Arsenal team, a move that received very much the eye roll from fans.

Similarly, Jorginho’s resurgence in midfield has silenced his early critics. Despite a slow start to his Arsenal career, the Italian midfielder has emerged as a key figure in Arteta’s plans, delivering standout performances in crucial matches. His ability to unlock defenses and control the tempo of the game has been instrumental in Arsenal’s recent victories, proving his worth beyond doubt.


Another player who has begun to justify his hefty price tag is Kai Havertz.

A year ago, Kai Havertz won’t be looked at by the Arsenal fans as someone who could be pivotal to their season, and even his move to the Emirates received quite the backlash from the media and fans.

rice havertz

Despite facing criticism for his goal-scoring drought earlier in the season, the German attacker has found his rhythm in front of goal, contributing vital goals and assists in recent outings. His winner against Brentford and composed penalty in the shootout against Porto underscore his growing influence on the team and to prove why everyone was wrong about Mikel Arteta.

While Arteta’s transfer decisions have received scrutiny, Arsenal’s recent resurgence on the field is a testament to the manager’s vision and the players’ determination to prove their worth. As the season progresses, Arsenal will look to build on their recent successes and continue their ascent in both domestic and European competitions.

With the summer transfer window looming, Arteta will undoubtedly be eyeing further reinforcements to strengthen Arsenal’s squad. The club’s newfound momentum provides a solid foundation for future success, but Arteta knows that complacency is not an option.