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“We have to congratulate Bayern” — Mikel Arteta



"We have to congratulate Bayern" -- Mikel Arteta

Following Arsenal‘s Champions League defeat to Bayern Munich, manager Mikel Arteta shared his reflections on the match and the team’s overall season, expressing a mix of disappointment and determination.

Arteta acknowledged the magnitude of the occasion, highlighting Arsenal’s long absence from the Champions League and their ambition to compete at the highest level.

Despite falling short of their semi-final goal in their first season under his management, Arteta emphasized the importance of learning from the experience and striving to earn a similar opportunity in the future.

Expressing his mood after the defeat, Arteta conveyed a sense of sadness and disappointment within the dressing room, noting the team’s collective investment and hope for progression in the competition.

“I’m obviously very sad. The dressing room is very disappointed. We had a lot of hope and invested a lot to go through, but the margins in this competition are super small, and we lacked to make the difference in those moments.

He emphasized the fine margins in elite football and highlighted the need for decisive moments to make the difference, while also acknowledging Bayern Munich’s quality in securing victory.

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“We had our moments again. I think the team played with a lot of personality, but we lacked that magic moment at some stage or to force a mistake, because that happens as well to go through in the tie. We have to congratulate Bayern; they have done it, and they are through.”

With consecutive defeats to Aston Villa and Bayern Munich, Arteta urged his players to overcome the disappointment and focus on the challenges ahead.

Recognizing the demanding schedule still to come, Arteta stressed the need for immediate refocus, particularly with an important Premier League fixture against Wolves looming.

“Tonight, probably I cannot find the right words to lead the players because we have to go through that pain and that emotion,” Arteta admitted.

“By tomorrow morning, we have to focus fully on Wolves, the task that we have ahead of us is unbelievable, it’s beautiful.”

In a plea to supporters, Arteta called for unity and backing for the players, emphasizing the incredible effort they have put in throughout the season.