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Kano inmates seek clemency amid death row sentences



In Kano State, a significant number of inmates currently facing death row sentences have appealed for clemency from the government and the Committee of Prerogative of Mercy.

The request for leniency was initiated by Suleiman Inuwa, the Controller of Correctional Centers, who submitted a comprehensive list of these inmates to Hajiya Azumi Namadi Bebeji, the Chairperson of the Kano State Prerogative of Mercy Committee.

The list of inmates seeking clemency spans various categories, including those on death row, individuals serving life imprisonment, and others facing long sentences.

Additionally, it includes inmates with serious medical conditions, elderly prisoners, and various other categories represented within the state’s correctional facilities.

During the committee’s visit to the Maximum Security Custodial Centre in Janguzu, Kano, Controller Inuwa formally presented the list of inmates seeking clemency to Chairperson Hajiya Bebeji.

The submission was made with the hope of offering these inmates a chance for reconsideration based on their conduct and behaviour while in custody.

Chairperson Hajiya Bebeji expressed satisfaction with certain inmates who demonstrated remarkable achievements during their incarceration.

She commended those who had memorised the Quran and praised the academic excellence of others who achieved outstanding results in examinations.

Additionally, she highlighted the aspirations of some inmates seeking admission into the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN).

Encouraging all inmates to adhere strictly to the rules of the Custodial Centre, Hajiya Bebeji emphasised the importance of making positive contributions to both personal development and society at large.

This call to action underscores the committee’s commitment to promoting rehabilitation and reintegration efforts among inmates within the correctional system.

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