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U.S sending seized weapons from Iran to Ukraine



U.S sending seized weapons from Iran to Ukraine

The United States has bolstered the military efforts of Ukraine with a significant transfer of weaponry and ammunition, the U.S. military announced on Tuesday.

This assistance comes from a cache seized over a year ago, originally destined for Houthi forces in Yemen from Iran.

The provision, delivered last week, marks the latest effort by the Biden administration to support Kyiv in its efforts to reclaim territories occupied by Russia.

However, further assistance has been stalled due to Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson’s refusal to call a vote on $60 billion in new security aid, highlighting the political tensions surrounding the issue.

With Ukrainian forces facing shortages, particularly in heavy artillery rounds, the U.S. and its allies have been exploring alternative means to arm Ukraine.

The recent transfer, detailed by U.S. Central Command in a statement on social media platform X, included a substantial array of weaponry, sufficient to outfit a Ukrainian brigade.

While specific troop numbers were not disclosed, an infantry brigade typically comprises thousands of soldiers.

Iran’s response to the transfer was terse, with its UN mission declining to comment on the matter. According to CENTCOM, the cache comprised over 5,000 AK-47 assault rifles, along with machine guns, sniper rifles, rocket-propelled grenades, and more than half a million rounds of ammunition.

These items were intercepted from “stateless” vessels by U.S. naval ships and allied forces between May 2021 and February 2023.

CENTCOM further asserted that these weapons were originally intended for the Houthis, supplied by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

The transfer underscores the ongoing geopolitical dynamics in the region and the strategic importance of military support for Ukraine in its confrontation with Russia.