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Ukraine: Russia to start testing Nuclear war waters



Ukraine: Russia to start testing Nuclear weapons waters

Reports from The Guardian UK has placed the world on the edge as it is being reported that Russia have started military drills close to Ukraine in a simulation of nuclear weapons training. This is speculated to be a knee jerk reaction to what Russia perceives as threats from the United States and its allies.

It is also stated that there is a genuine concern by Russia regarding the West’s continuous interest in the Russia-Ukraine conflict, with the testing drills serving as a warning to the Western allies to withdraw its involvement in the conflict.

It is believed that Russia is angered by a specific statement made by French president, Emmanuel Macron where the France leader allegedly hinted at the possibility of sending European troops into Ukraine to fight the Russian forces.

Backing Russia’s paranoia, UK foreign secretary, David Cameron also supports Ukraine using weapons supplied by London to target Russian sites.

In a published footage that was released by the Russian defence ministry, trucks carrying missiles to a field where launch systems had been prepared, can be seen with troops at an airfield preparing a bomber to carry a nuclear warhead.

The Russian army insists this is the first stage of the military drills, with launch vehicles being loaded and military forces driving to launch sites and loading planes with hypersonic Kinzhal missiles.

The drills as the reports go, are taking place directly at Ukraine’s borders in Rostov-on-Don, and sections of Ukraine that Russia currently occupies.