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US House of Reps approves bills to fund Ukraine, Israel



US House of Reps approves bills to fund Ukraine, Israel

In a significant move, the United States House of Representatives has greenlit a comprehensive aid package totaling $61 billion for Ukraine, alongside separate allocations of $26 billion for Israel and $8.12 billion earmarked for the Indo-Pacific region.

The bipartisan-supported bills garnered widespread approval within the House and will now proceed to the Senate for further deliberation, alongside other vital legislation.

Notably, the aid package for Ukraine received substantial backing from both sides of the political spectrum, with 101 Republicans and 210 Democrats voting in favor, while one Republican abstained. However, 112 Republicans opposed the aid.

In a resounding show of support, the bill for Israel sailed through with a vote of 366-58, garnering approval from 193 Republicans and 173 Democrats.

The Senate is poised to address the House-passed bills on Tuesday, signaling a crucial step forward in solidifying US foreign policy initiatives.

Mitch McConnell, the Minority Leader in the US Senate, commended the House for its swift action in passing the foreign aid bills, underscoring the bipartisan effort in addressing key global concerns.