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Unlucky England: Harry Kane Breaks Silence



Unlucky England: Harry Kane Breaks Silence

At times, football in as much as it is seen as a game of skill and tactics, it is very much a game of luck, and for England captain, Harry Kane, his stars on the night falls from hero to world cup villain following his penalty miss at an hour when it most mattered to deny England a chance in the semi-final.

Some divide of the English fandom have seized the opportunity to troll the player online with quotes of the player taking the Tottenham Hotspurs side of him to the world cup to deny England a chance at glory.

Harry Kane, the captain of England, stated that he would have to accept responsibility for missing the penalty against France in the World Cup quarterfinal.

After losing 2-1 to the defending champions, the Three Lions were declared out of the competition.

Unlucky England: Harry Kane Breaks Silence

With a successful penalty kick, Harry Kane had brought his team even and matched Wayne Rooney’s record of 53 goals for England.

When he had a late opportunity to make it 2-2, he then blasted the second penalty over the crossbar.

Harry Kane received consolation from England boss Gareth Southgate following the final whistle.

“I’m not someone who thinks too much about it; I prepare the same whether I get one penalty or two penalties in a game.

“I can’t fault my preparation or the detail before the game; it didn’t feel any different. I felt confident taking it but didn’t execute it the way I wanted to,” Kane said.