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“There is no shame in it” — Blessing CEO on marital infidelity



"There is no shame in it" -- Blessing CEO on marital infidelity

Controversial media personality, Blessing CEO takes the internet by the horns with an unpopular opinion regarding married men and women who birth kids out of infidelity.

In a recent therapy session, the relationship expert advised men against conducting DNA tests on their children even if they hold doubts towards their spouses.

According to Blessing CEO, children are divine gifts from God that men should be ready to accept and protect not minding any biological connection.

“You don’t have to be biological father to accept a child as your own” – the brand influencer stands of the opinion as she stirs narratives from her online audience.

Blessing Okoro Nkiruka as she is formally known, believes that infidelity should not be treated as a finality between two married couples, asserting that sometimes dialogues should be had between both parties to figure out how to proceed in instances that concern the children.

She said, “There’s nothing to be ashamed of, own up, children are gift from God. You don’t have to be a biological father or birth a child to call somebody your child”.

“You have known this child, I think you guys can sit down and work these things out.”

Of course, the media influencer’s general view of such matters differs from the general perception of men in such instances, considering deception is the key word that influences men in that moment from ‘accepting’ a child not fathered by them as soon as the truth comes out.

And of course, there stands the ego factor that throws Blessing CEO’s views to the mud.