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Kizz Daniel sends the internet to fume over DV allegations



Kizz Daniel sends the internet to fume over DV allegations

The online community is buzzing with discussions over allegations of domestic violence leveled against afrobeat star Kizz Daniel by his baby mama.

Just weeks ago, Kizz Daniel proudly showcased his relationship with his baby mama on social media, sharing a video of them dancing joyously to one of his hit songs. The post was met with admiration and excitement from fans.

However, the tide swiftly turned when Kizz Daniel’s baby mama secured a lucrative endorsement deal with leading vehicle manufacturer, Innoson Motors.

Amidst the celebrations, shocking accusations surfaced, painting a grim picture of Kizz Daniel’s conduct towards his baby mama. Reports suggest that the singer, known for hits like “Twe Twe,” had allegedly mistreated his partner on numerous occasions.

According to sources close to the matter, Kizz Daniel’s baby mama hails from a low-income background. It’s alleged that their relationship began in dire circumstances, with her dancing for survival when Kizz Daniel reportedly engaged in a one-night stand that led to her pregnancy.

Initially, Kizz Daniel expressed reluctance towards fatherhood, claiming he wasn’t prepared for such responsibilities. Despite this, he eventually agreed to acknowledge the child, albeit without committing to a relationship with the mother.

However, tensions escalated when it was revealed that the pregnancy was not singular but that of triplets. This revelation purportedly triggered a significant shift in Kizz Daniel’s stance, leading to strained relations between him and his baby mama.