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It is not a crime cheating, but a crime thinking it’s illegal — Blessing CEO



It is no crime cheating-- Blessing CEO

Blessing Okoro Nkiruka, most popularly known by the media as Blessing CEO, may not be the most loved celebrity personality on the internet, but she sure has an opinion on the topic of infidelity in a relationship.

Taking to her social media page on Facebook, Blessing CEO addressed in a video that cheating on a significant other has no illegality against it in the a law.

“It is not a crime to cheat, if you’re not okay with your partner cheating, then leave or manage because there is no law in our society that is against cheating,” she said in the video.

According to the social media influencer, though a cheating spouse may go against the emotional security of their partner, it is left for the partner to choose whether to remain in the relationship or leave.

She stated this while speaking on the problems the cheating spouse; mostly men face dating multiple women at once.

According to Blessing CEO, they do this most often to boost their own ego or show off class in stature.

However, she addressed that this is building on to more problems for themselves like creating confusion, wasting emotional and financial strength all in the process of living up to standards.

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