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“As a Woman never fall for it ” — Blessing CEO sparks debate



"As a Woman never fall for it " -- Blessing CEO sparks debate

In the midst of the marital drama surrounding Nigerian socialite Wofai Fada, the controversial Blessing Okoro famously dubbed by the media as Blessing CEO, has weighed in on the situation, offering advice and cautionary words regarding familial approval in marriage.

The controversy stemmed from Wofai Fada’s marriage to Taiwo Cole, with her in-laws initially issuing a disclaimer, stating they were unaware of any wedding involving their son. However, the couple managed to sidestep criticism by proceeding with a conventional white wedding.

In an online video, Blessing CEO shared her thoughts on the unfolding saga, specifically cautioning against the potential pitfalls of marrying into a household where parental disapproval exists.

She underscored the significance of familial involvement in marriages, highlighting cultural differences between Nigeria and the Western world, where individuality often takes precedence.

Blessing CEO emphasized the importance of having the support and approval of one’s family, posing a poignant question to Wofai Fada about her contingency plan should challenges arise in her marriage. The implicit message was clear: navigating marital difficulties without familial support could prove to be a daunting task.