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Terrorists on rampage: Fresh attack launched in Kaduna



Terrorists on rampage: Fresh attack launched in Kaduna

Nigeria continues to get more dangerous for its citizens as another fresh attack hits Kaduna State.

In a fresh wave of terror, eighty-seven individuals have been abducted by assailants in an attack on the Kajuru-Station community within the Kajuru Local Government Area of Kaduna State.

This harrowing incident, which unfolded on Sunday night, marks a chilling escalation of violence, occurring merely two days subsequent to the abduction of fifteen women and a man in the Dogon-Noma community within the same local government.

Confirmation of the distressing event was provided on Monday in Kaduna by Harisu Dari, a member of the Kajuru-Station Youths. Dari disclosed that the assailants not only perpetrated the abductions but also ransacked shops, making off with food items and other valuable possessions.

Detailing the assault, Dari revealed that the invaders descended upon the village at approximately 10 p.m., leaving the community in a state of shock and fear. As of the latest reports, there has been no communication established with the eighty-seven locals who were forcefully taken from their homes.