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Some Male Nigerian actors are into ‘Yahoo-Yahoo’—Nollywood actor reveals



Some Nollywood actors are into Yahoo-Yahoo--Uche Maduagwu

Another day, another controversy with Nollywood actor, Uche Maduagwu who reveals some of his Nollywood colleagues that are supposedly making it in the industry are into other side hustles which may not be all that legal in the face of the law.

Taking to his Instagram page, he highlights that the Nigerian actors who are into flashing wealth online and were below 40s in age are involved in online fraudulent acts dubbed as ‘Yahoo Yahoo’.

The controversial Nollywood actor also alleges that those who weren’t into the illicit internet fraudulent scheme were into the ‘sugar mummy’ business.

The actor states this as he advises social media users to lessen the influence some stars have on them or let alone be deceived by their extravagant lifestyles and how their money were being flaunted.

According to him, they were into the dating of older women as a business scheme to fund their lifestyles while some were into internet fraud.

The actor stresses that when he came into the industry as a newbie, most of his colleagues had introduced him to the idea of taking an older woman to fund his lifestyle.

Uche Maduagwu also went on to question the actors and how much money they get from acting, revealing most of them earn close to N400,000 for a movie role depending on how lengthy their role in specific films were.

Those who flaunted large wealth according to him were scams or as it puts it, ‘Yahoo-Yahoo’.