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Strong allegations faces Nollywood actor Frederick Leonard



Strong allegations faces Nollywood actor Frederick Leonard

Nigerian director Stanley OnTop sparks huge controversy by leveling shocking accusations against Nollywood actor Freddie Leonard, known for his roles in various film productions.

In a fiery Instagram story tirade, OnTop branded Leonard as a “male ashawo” (a male prostitute) and criticized his alleged promiscuous behavior.

The outburst, which gained attention across social media platforms, saw OnTop questioning Leonard’s acting abilities and integrity, suggesting that his on-screen persona might not align with his real-life conduct.

OnTop’s scathing remarks extended to allegations of harassment directed at crew members during film shoots, adding a serious dimension to the dispute. He warned Leonard of legal consequences should he continue to display disrespect or bullying behavior towards any crew member in the future.

In a direct message to Leonard, OnTop stated, “Film Lord my foot Mitcheeewww, Crew members bullY.. Be warned and desist. Next Crew member that you will disrespect or bullY again.. I will use the full force of law on you.”

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