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“Cecilia Chiagoziem Okoro has killed me” — Shan George



"Cecilia Chiagoziem Okoro just wiped all my money" -- Shan George

Veteran Nollywood actress Shan George raises alarm after being stung by the activity of a scammer identified as Cecilia Chiagoziem Okoro.

Shan George made the distressing claim after her Zenith Bank account was emptied of N3.6 million by the supposed individual identified as Cecilia Chiagoziem Okoro.

In an emotional video posted on her Instagram account on Friday, the actress lamented her financial predicament and appealed to Nigerians for assistance in recovering her funds.

Accompanying the video was a screenshot of a debit alert, with Shan George expressing desperation in her caption, stating,

“I need help cos I’m dy!ng. This person has just cleared my account. Pls my pple, everyone pls help. Pls Zenith Bank, Reverse it. I can’t access my app. I’m De@D”

In the video, Shan George urged the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), the Nigeria Police Force (NPF), and Zenith Bank to intervene and assist her in resolving the issue. She identified Cecilia Chiagoziem Okoro as the individual responsible for transferring the funds, totaling 3.6 million Naira, into an Opay account.

Expressing her dire circumstances, the actress pleaded on the relevant authorities and financial institutions for assistance.

George also emphasized the urgency of the situation, stating that the incident occurred just hours before she made the video on May 3rd.