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Shocker emerges from Army Officer’s Suicide note



Shocker emerges from Captain Bazza Suicide note

New details have surfaced regarding the untimely demise of Nigerian Army Captain Alphonsus Alexander Kalthy Bazza, whose lifeless body was discovered in a bush within the premises of the 2 Brigade Step-Up Headquarters for Exercise STILL WATERS III in Essien Udim Local Government of Akwa Ibom State.

Initial reports suggested suicide, prompting a swift investigation by army authorities. However, revelations found in handwritten notes left behind by Captain Bazza have shed light on a complex relationship with his commanding officer, casting shadows of suspicion on the circumstances leading to his death.

In these notes, Captain Bazza detailed a strained rapport with his superior, Lt Col NY Suleiman Baburka, outlining grievances that ranged from alleged biases to accusations of mistrust and mistreatment. The notes highlighted instances where Bazza felt unfairly targeted and belittled by his commanding officer.

“I deserve to be treated with dignity,” read one excerpt from the notes. Bazza cited incidents where his requests for compassionate reasons, like attending to personal tragedies or addressing family matters, were allegedly met with skepticism and opposition by his superior.

Moreover, the notes disclosed instances where Captain Bazza claimed discrepancies in the handling of funds meant for the general elections, citing an insistence by his commanding officer to divert his allocated funds intended for Bazza’s wife instead.

The handwritten account detailed incidents of humiliation, lack of mentorship, and derogatory remarks made by his superior officer, causing distress to the deceased soldier.

The emergence of these notes has deepened the intrigue surrounding Captain Bazza’s death, prompting intensified scrutiny into the circumstances leading up to his tragic demise. The Nigerian Army authorities have yet to comment on the specifics revealed in the notes but assured a thorough investigation into the matter.