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“I did not ask to be saved” — Suicidal woman laments



"I did not ask to be saved" -- Suicidal woman laments

Nigerian reality star Sunshine Chiamaka Obinweaku, known as SunshineDeJewel, has recently surfaced on social media, addressing her suicidal intentions in a series of messages detailing her struggles and past experiences.

SunshineDeJewel, a participant in the Film House Africa reality show, reportedly attempted suicide by hanging herself. During the distressing incident, she purportedly captured selfies of the process and sent them to several colleagues, including Rosie Afuwape, the winner of the Ultimate Love reality show.

In a recent social media return, SunshineDeJewel discussed the attempted suicide, stating, “I didn’t ask to be saved. With much hatred, I can’t exist with all your curses, and I’m not asking for your help. Hold your clout and popularity.”

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Rosie Afuwape alleged that Sunshine had been expressing suicidal thoughts for some time. Previous co-stars had reportedly provided financial assistance, but their support waned when Sunshine allegedly declined job opportunities after their help.

SunshineDeJewel had been documenting her struggles on social media for months, expressing aspirations for fame and a return to television screens. Her posts primarily consisted of cheerful content and skit videos until June 2023 when she began addressing her ex-husband and the dissolution of their marriage.

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In numerous social media posts, she accused her former husband, whom she described as a bouncer, of subjecting her to domestic abuse. She lamented her status as a divorcee, expressing apprehensions about finding love again, stating, “I am second-hand, and no man will marry a divorcee that exposed her story to the world.”

In a troubling declaration in June, she intimated that she might be nearing the end of her life and urged caution to single women, advising them to be discerning before entering relationships.

Furthermore, SunshineDeJewel issued an apology to friends whom she had distanced herself from during her marriage, expressing a desire for their return as she felt a need for their support.

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