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Drama unfold as Criminal suspect attempts Suicide in Court



Drama unfold as Criminal suspect attempts Suicide in Court

An Ikeja High Court on Tuesday, January 23, dealt with the escalation of tension when a suspect standing trial attempted suicide while leaving the courtroom.

The individual in question, Ayoko Oluwatobi, 25, is currently facing a six-count charge that includes causing grievous bodily harm, damage to property, and membership in an unlawful society.

The incident unfolded after Oluwatobi’s counsel presented a bail application, urging the court to grant him bail on liberal terms. However, the prosecution team objected, expressing concerns that the defendant posed a flight risk.

Following arguments from both legal teams, Justice Hakeem Oshodi decided to adjourn the case until April 9 to rule on the bail application.

As the defendant was leaving the dock, he unexpectedly moved behind the witnesses and began tapping members of the prosecution team on the back, asserting that they were his friends and should release him.

His actions escalated when, while being escorted out of the courtroom, he started headbutting the wall, shouting, “I want to die, I can’t wait till April.”

In a shocking attempt to harm himself, Oluwatobi climbed onto the window ledge of the two-storey courtroom, seemingly intending to jump down.

Quick intervention by policemen attached to the court and a correctional service officer prevented the defendant from carrying out the suicide attempt, as they held onto one of his legs to stop him.