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“She is a selfish, manipulative, and cold-hearted woman” Sarah Martins Slams Judy Austin Over Debt saga



 Nollywood actress, Sarah Martins has not relented in dragging her former bff, Judy Austin, and her husband, Yul Edochie over an alleged debt.

After their fallout, Sarah had called out Judy Austin over an alleged N1 million debt, stating that she learned the hard way from her, but regardless, she moves.

Calling the attention of close friends of Judy Austin, she told them to remind her of her debt and send back her money, while noting how she worked hard for her money, hence, why she wouldn’t keep quiet.

To prove to people that she isn’t lying or clout chasing, Sarah shared screenshots of her transfers to not only Judy Austin but Yul Edochie.

In her caption, she revealed that she gave Judy the money to encourage brands to pay her more to influence their brands because she felt she wasn’t using the publicity that came from her scandal with Yul to enlarge her brand.

She disclosed that Judy lacks confidence and she was doing all she could to boost her confidence, hence, the constant hyping as at then. According to her, they planned to sign the deal, but after the payment, Judy started giving her excuses and refused to sign until she met Rita Edochie at an airport.

Blowing hot, Sarah Martins called Judy a selfish, manipulative, cunning, wicked, and cold-hearted woman, who lied to her management that she had worked hard for the money.


“Since the past 3 months, people have been speculating lies saying I’m just chasing clout with the whole debt. issues that big-breasted Goliath and amu Bingo are not owing me….

Truth is, no single post of my brand that was on Judy’s page wasn’t paid for!!!!

I gave her this 1m naira in other to encourage brands to pay her more to influence their brands because I felt she wasn’t making use of the publicity she was getting and people were not willing to pay her to influence their brands as she was yet to show how competent she is in promoting brands.

Judy is someone who lacks confidence and I was doing all I could to boost her confidence hence the constant hyping at then.

The plan was to sign the deal after the payment but immediately after the payment she started giving me excuses and refused to sign until I met Mama Rita Edochie at the airport.

Judy is a selfish, manipulative, cunning, w!cked, cold-hearted woman!

All I’ve ever done was to genuinely love and push her to be better but all she has ever done was to use me and took advantage of my loyalty.

Judy told my management she worked for the 1m how???

I paid her in July, she posted my birthday promo list on her page after so much pleading, and she never posted anything about the brand until I publicly dissociated from their family drama.

And all she did was to use the opportunity to seize my hard-earned business money and you all expect me to let my business money go like that???

I have bought her things worth more than that 1m and 1m is absolutely no big deal but for the fact it came from my business account, she must pay!

As for amu bingo, that 50k will choke you!

To be continued!”.

Victoria Philip is not only a Journalist but also a talented fiction writer. You can reach her on this numbers, 08135853903, 09112869878