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“Drop my name and leave” — Yul Edochie to ex-wife, May Edochie



"Drop my name and leave" -- Yul Edochie blasts ex-wife, May

Renowned Nollywood actor Yul Edochie continues to lay digs on his estrange wife, May Edochie and in a recent post, the actor calls on his first wife to quit the union.

Taking on to social media, Yul made a public demand for the refund of the bride price he paid to his estranged wife, May Edochie, amidst their ongoing divorce proceedings.

This request follows recent accusations leveled by Yul against May regarding cosmetic surgeries undertaken without his consent.

In a candid Instagram post, Yul aired grievances about May’s decision to undergo breast enlargement surgery and a tummy tuck following the tragic loss of their first son in 2023.

Yul Edochie alleged that these procedures were done without his approval and insinuated the involvement of a married individual in influencing her choices.

Expressing frustration with the situation, Yul denounced perceived manipulation on social media, claiming that May was portraying a false narrative and manipulating public opinion while secretly living a different life.

In a subsequent Instagram post, Yul urged May to disassociate from his surname, questioning why she has not done so despite filing for divorce. He highlighted his multiple attempts to retrieve the bride price he paid during their marriage, alleging resistance from May and her family in returning it.

Yul Edochie stated,

“You have filed for divorce. Yet you refused to drop my name. Return the bride price I paid, you and your family refused. I have asked for the return of the bride price a couple of times, you people vehemently refused. I don’t understand why.”