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Yul Edochie tried to reconcile with May, leaked chat reveals



Yul Edochie tried to reconcile with May, leaked chat reveals

She had a baby and it was 2 weeks old, I couldn’t just leave her — Yul Edochie confesses in leaked chat with estranged wife, May.

A tumultuous chapter in the personal life of Nollywood actor Yul Edochie has been brought to light through a leaked chat between him and his estranged wife, May.

The conversation, shared on Instagram by May’s legal representatives, Due Process Advocates (DPA), exposes Yul’s remorse and appeals regarding his affair with his mistress, Judy Austin.

In the leaked conversation, Yul Edochie is seen admitting to May about his relationship with Judy, spanning a duration of five years. He acknowledges attempting to end the affair multiple times but confesses his inability to do so.

Yul’s admission is accompanied by pleas for forgiveness and a fervent desire to salvage his marriage with May, emphasizing his love for her and denying any intention to shatter their home.

Yul Edochie tried to reconcile with May, leaked chat reveals

The legal team accompanying the leaked chat highlighted Yul’s public declarations of being a proud polygamist and introducing Judy as his “second wife,” contrary to the monogamous agreement he had with May.

They criticized Yul’s failure to maintain discretion and accused him of misleading the public about the nature of his relationship with Judy, dismissing it as mere “skitmaking.”

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Moreover, the legal team denounced Yul’s alleged attempts to tarnish May’s reputation by spreading false rumors about her, attributing his actions to a lack of restraint and honesty.

They referenced Yul’s acknowledgment of May’s virtues and the impact her absence has had on his life, contrasting it with his public portrayal of their relationship.