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“You see this woman” — Yul Edochie makes new vow



"You see this woman" -- Yul Edochie makes new vow

Trust Yul Edochie to do what Yul Edochie does best — make his naysayers all the more angry.

Nollywood actor Yul Edochie pops up to social media to rile his critics again with a new video.

Taking to Instagram, the actor turned preacher shared a heartfelt video to his followers and critics alike expressing his deep admiration and love for his second wife, Judy Austin.

In the video, Edochie can be seen alongside his wife, Judy Austin, as he showers her with affectionate words, emphasizing her beauty and their enduring bond. Edochie’s declaration of devotion extends to a commitment to spend countless lifetimes with Austin, underscoring the depth of his affection.

Yul Edochie snubs the many narratives that followed his second marriage to Judy Austin, with the Nollywood actor known to share once in a blue moon posts or videos to rile his naysayers on the internet and beyond.

The actor, known for his outspoken nature and occasional controversy, chose the occasion to wish his fans a happy new month, adding a personal touch by highlighting his wife’s presence and their shared happiness.

In his Instagram post, Edochie affectionately refers to Austin as “this gorgeous woman,” expressing his profound desire to accompany her through a multitude of lifetimes.