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“Getting married as a virgin shouldn’t stop you getting a divorce” — Sarah Martins



Sarah Martins challenges popular Marriage notion

Nollywood actress Sarah Martins has countered the notion that marrying as a virgin guarantees lasting happiness in marriage.

This comes in response to claims made by Solomon Buchi, who asserted on his X account that statistical evidence supports the idea that virgins tend to have more enduring marriages.

Buchi’s argument, presented in response to a question about the importance of being a virgin, suggested that those who refrain from extensive sexual activity and multiple partners often find greater satisfaction within their marriages, reducing the likelihood of seeking pleasures outside the relationship.

However, Sarah Martins, who got married as a virgin at the age of 19, challenged this perspective, revealing that her own experience contradicted the assumption.

Despite starting her marital journey as a virgin and maintaining qualities such as loyalty, submissiveness, and hard work, Sarah Martins disclosed that she eventually had to end her marriage due to health-related concerns.

In a direct response to Buchi, Martins emphasized that marrying as a virgin does not provide an immunity to the possibility of divorce, highlighting the importance of prioritizing one’s well-being.

Her statement read,

“Getting married as a virgin will never stop you from getting a divorce if the need arises.. if e no good for your health quit!”